Fine Healing Goods

Founded to encourage you to see cannabis differently, Fine Healing Goods is a line of premium CBD wellness products.  Our collection is redefining luxury by making products with only pure ingredients, proving that less really is more.

Luxurious in NATURE

Indulge in high end healing

Indulge in High-end healing

Customer Love

Wow! My experience with your Wellness drops has been nothing less than amazing! I had been previously using cbd from another brand and when I used yours I felt immediate effects! My sleep has been so off the charts good and I feel so refreshed in the morning! I also feel a lot more calm and move through my day with much less stress. It’s been so great to use these!

Emily S.Maryland

After applying twice, once in the evening and once right before bed, I woke up with the skin that was not only calmer, but much improved. Gone was the scaly appearance and the cracks had actually started to heal. I was instantly hooked. This product has become a staple in my beauty routine - I keep in near my beside and use it religiously every night.


I spent the day riding your CBD drops and would compare the outcome to the feeling of lounging on an inflatable raft in a lake or pool. I feel emotionally SMUG. THANK YOU. Today was great. I have an industry event tonight where I plan to smoke nothing. I'm already good with your drops.


The wellness drops are the best tasting thing I've had in cannabinoid wellness! Hands down. The lemon flavor works so well, I've used them in a variety of my beverages and foods. I've generously shared some drops with friends, and have gotten nothing but positive feedback. They're oily in texture and delicious in flavor! Would definitely buy more. I live for women-run businesses and this one is going at the top of my list for recommendations in the future.

Lauren T.Chicago

Opening my own massage studio has left me busy and stressed. My mind had been feeling constantly frazzled with all the daily operations of starting a new business. When I finally took my first dose of wellness drops, a calm focus came over me that truly helped me get through a day full of events. I truly appreciate this gift you have sent me! Thank you!

AngelicaSan Antonio