Motherhood At 40 & Beyond: Rachel Daugherty on Adopting at 42

Last month Rachel Daugherty met her daughter after a 12-year infertility struggle. Her journey included "three IVF cycles, six miscarriages, one failed adoption and four surgeries." She was gracious enough to open up about her pain—and the path to healing—that has made her into the mother she is today. Her daughter has given her "sense of home and wholeness I did not know before her birth."

And in tandem with her story of motherhood, she found herself called  to become a small business owner. Rachel brought Fine Healing Goods into the world with a mission to offer relief and support through a finely curated selection of cannabis products to promote plant-based healing. She tell us, "I learned that there is relief, that I did not lose myself through this process, and that a return to wellness was not only possible, but it was necessary."

Read on for more advice on how to navigate the challenges of infertility, the adoptive process and on finding personal wellness and hope through it all. 

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