CBD/CBN Oil Relaxation Drops - Vanilla Mint


Evening CBD/CBN drops for a better night's sleep

This blend of cannabinoids focuses on one thing: sleep. Think peaceful shut eye without common side effects that come with other sleep aids. This organic Colorado-grown, full-spectrum hemp extract is infused in organic coconut oil (MCT) with natural vanilla mint flavor for total relaxation. Often referred to as the 'sleep cannabinoid', we recommend CBN when you are looking to really shut down. Our non-intoxicating formula will leave you feeling clear-minded, ready to rest and able to fully recharge.

Directions for use: We typically recommend you place the CBN under your tongue and hold for about 30 seconds. There is 30mg CBD/10mg CBN per dropper. It is best taken alone without food or drink.

Ingredients: organic fractionated coconut oil, cannabinoid rich hemp oil extract (CBD), natural vanilla flavor cannabinol (CBN), natural peppermint flavor 

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