Fine Healing Goods' CBD Starter Kit Trio


We bundled our best sellers to create this Fine Healing Goods' CBD Starter Kit Trio to make it easy to shop

The trio combines our best selling Lemon Wellness 600mg CBD Oil Drops, our 100mg CBD Restorative Himalayan Bath Soak, and our 4oz Nourishing Body Cream with 400mg CBD.  The bundle saves you over 15% to help you shop efficiently and save money.

How to use Fine Healing Goods CBD Oil Wellness Drops

We like to drop directly under the tongue or in your favorite cool or room temperature drink. We do not recommend using in hot drinks, as heat can reduce the effects of CBD. However, any dilution changes the bioavailability (absorption), so taken alone without food or drink is best.

We typically say to start with .25 dosage as shown on the dropper, 1x in the morning, an hour before eating. Repeat again at night before going to bed. Increase as needed .25 dosage at a time to see what dosage generates the best results for you.

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