CBD Oil Wellness Drops 1000mg - Lemon


Fine Healing Goods Organic CBD Oil Drops for Inflammation & Relaxation 1000mg

CBD Oil Benefits: Organic Colorado-grown, full spectrum hemp extract is infused in organic coconut oil (MCT) in our natural, phytocannabinoid, and antioxidant-rich Hemp Oil Lemon or Original Wellness Drops. The purity and quality of natural hemp extract and the anti-inflammatory properties engage with your cannabinoid system, make for a relaxing experience, heightening the senses and improving the feeling of overall well-being. Our non-intoxicating formula for these drops leaves you feeling clear, connected, and balanced both physically as well as mentally.

How to use Fine Healing Goods CBD Oil Wellness Drops

We like to drop directly under the tongue or in your favorite cool or room temperature drink. We do not recommend using in hot drinks, as heat can reduce the effects of CBD. However, any dilution changes the bioavailability (absorption), so taken alone without food or drink is best.

We typically encourage you to start with .25mL as shown on the dropper, 1x in the morning, an hour before eating. Repeat again at night before going to bed. Increase as needed, with .25mL at a time to see what dosage generates the best results for you. Repeat as desired.

Each full dropper contains 33mg of CBD.

Lemon ingredients: coconut oil (MCT), organic full-spectrum hemp extract, organic lemon oil

1000mg CBD / 1oz / 30mL

Certificates of Analysis for Fine Healing Goods Wellness Drops HERE.

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