Fine Healing Goods' CBD Starter Kit Trio


Drop, soak, and moisturize your way to healing

Heard of the benefits of CBD but not sure where to dive in? Or maybe you want to try all the CBD remedies and see what works for you? Our CBD Starter Kit is built with you in mind and includes Lemon Wellness Drops, Himalayan Bath Soak, and Nourishing Body Cream all infused with pure, organic CBD oil from Colorado. And bonus, this 3-in-1 combo saves you 15% off individual purchases.

Each product in the CBD Starter Kit delivers CBD oil to your body’s own cannabinoid system, helping reduce inflammation and promote relaxation. The Lemon Wellness Drops are the most potent at 1000 mg CBD oil, and you drop those right under your tongue for maximum benefit. The Himalayan Bath Soak contains 100 mg CBD and is used like any other bath soak. We do recommend at least a 20-minute soak to give your body time to absorb the CBD oil. And finally the Nourishing Body Cream packs 100 mg of CBD in a skin-soothing lotion that can help alleviate achy muscles and joint pain.

The Starter Kit gives you the freedom to experiment with how CBD healing works for your body and mind. You can drop, soak, and moisturize in any combination or frequency. Create a daily or weekly ritual and fully immerse yourself in healing relaxation. You’ve earned it!

Lemon Wellness Drops

Ingredients: coconut oil (MCT), organic full-spectrum hemp extract, organic lemon oil

Himalayan Bath Soak 

Organic ingredients: all-natural Himalayan salt, organic full spectrum hemp extract, eucalyptus oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, hemp seed oil, orange oil, and sweet basil.

Nourishing Body Cream

Organic ingredients: organic full spectrum hemp extract, all natural goat's milk, jojoba, organic lavender, organic rosemary, and jasmine.

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