I was skeptical about CBD supplements until I attended these 5 wellness events in 2023

CBD supplements have always seemed like a fad to me. I couldn’t help but question their effectiveness, thinking they were more of a placebo than anything else.

Like many, I had heard both the rave reviews and the cautionary tales, leaving me unsure of what to believe.

But my skepticism took a backseat when I found myself on a year-long exploration of holistic wellness events in 2023.

From national conferences to intimate retreats, each event peeled back a layer of misunderstanding and unveiled the nuanced reality of CBD’s potential.

In this article, I’ll share my experience at these events, and how they transformed my views on cannabis products.

1) Cannabis Industry Conference & Expo in Detroit

In August 2023, my journey into the world of CBD unexpectedly began at the Cannabis Industry Conference & Expo in Detroit.

Initially, out of sheer curiosity rather than conviction, this event marked the start of my transformation in how I viewed CBD supplements.

Detroit, a city known for its dynamic approach to industry and innovation, provided the perfect backdrop for an expo that delved deep into the cannabis sector.

The expo was an eye-opener. It showed me the meticulousness behind CBD production and the scientific backing for its health benefits.

The sessions highlighted the strict testing standards for purity and potency, challenging my preconceptions about the reliability of CBD products.

Perhaps most compelling were the personal stories shared by individuals whose lives had been markedly improved by incorporating CBD into their wellness routines.

Leaving Detroit, I carried with me a shift in perspective, sparked by an event I had stumbled into almost by accident.

That’s why it wasn’t just an expo to me — it was the beginning of a journey towards understanding the true value of CBD in holistic wellness.

2) Cannabis Conference 2023 in LA

Continuing my exploration, just a week after Detroit, I found myself at the Cannabis Conference 2023 in Las Vegas.

Nestled in the opulence of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, this event was specifically tailored for those directly involved in the cannabis industry, from cultivation to retail.

The focus here was on the inner workings of the cannabis sector, offering a closer look at the challenges and triumphs of those at the forefront of the industry.

The conference was a melting pot of knowledge, with experts sharing insights on cultivation techniques, retail strategies, and extraction innovations.

Each session provided practical advice, aiming to elevate the careers of its attendees and enhance the impact of their businesses.

Las Vegas, a city that epitomizes transformation and opportunity, mirrored my own journey with CBD.

Here, I gained a deeper appreciation for the complexity of the industry and the dedication of those driving it forward.

The personal stories of perseverance and success I encountered underscored the potential of CBD not just in wellness, but as a thriving, dynamic sector ready for exploration and growth.

3) Cannabis Science Conference in Rhode Island

At the Cannabis Science Conference in Rhode Island, my perspective shifted significantly.

This event was all about the latest in cannabis science, covering everything from medical cannabis to psychedelics.

What stood out was the chance to talk directly with experts and pioneers in the field.

I remember one conversation in particular with a scientist researching CBD’s role in managing chronic pain. Their enthusiasm and dedication to finding evidence-based benefits were inspiring.

This discussion made me see the real-world impact of CBD research. It wasn’t just theoretical — it was about making a difference in people’s lives.

The Cannabis Science Conference helped me understand the true potential of CBD in a new light.

Hearing firsthand about the positive outcomes from those deeply involved in the research added a personal touch to my knowledge of cannabis science.

That’s how I realized the importance of ongoing exploration and education in the realm of CBD and cannabis for health improvements.

4) CannaCon – MidWest in Detroit

At CannaCon Midwest in Detroit, on October 6-7, 2023, I faced an unexpected reality about the CBD industry

This event was designed to showcase the full spectrum of the cannabis industry, from the initial stages of cultivation to the intricate details of market branding and legalities.

It was here, among the myriad of entrepreneurs and innovators, that I faced a challenge to my newfound appreciation for CBD.

As I explored the vast exhibition, filled with the latest in cultivation supplies and genetic innovations, I stumbled upon a panel discussion that centered around the financial and marketing strategies within the cannabis industry.

A panel discussion opened my eyes to the tough balance between promoting CBD products and staying truthful.

This made me think more critically about the claims made by CBD companies.

All in all, CannaCon showed me the importance of honesty and transparency in the CBD market. It added a new perspective to how I view CBD products and their place in wellness.

5) The CBD Show in London

After a brief pause, my exploration resumed at The CBD Show in London, December 7-8, 2023.

By this point, armed with a deeper understanding of the CBD industry and its benefits, I approached the event not just as a learner, but as someone ready to engage with the nuances of the CBD world on a new level.

This event promised a comprehensive showcase of CBD products, services, and insights, drawing a diverse crowd from across the globe, including professionals, business owners, and enthusiasts alike.

Walking through the venue, I was struck by the sheer variety of CBD applications on display, from beauty care and nutraceuticals to food and beverages.

The diversity of products underscored the versatility of CBD and its potential to touch different aspects of daily life.

High-profile speakers shared the latest developments and innovations, providing a glimpse into the future of CBD in various industries.

What made The CBD Show particularly impactful for me was the realization of how far my understanding and appreciation of CBD had come.

So, this event was not just a culmination of my exploration. It was a celebration of the knowledge acquired and the community found along the way.

Leaving London, I felt empowered by the potential of CBD to transform lives, including my own.

From this perspective, the CBD Show was a fitting finale to a year of discovery, leaving me inspired to continue learning and advocating for the responsible use and development of CBD products.

Tackling the cannabis stigma

As you can see, before these wellness events, my knowledge of CBD was limited to what I’d heard in passing – mostly skepticism and doubt.

I had never tried it myself.

But attending these events not only expanded my understanding but also confronted the stigma surrounding cannabis and CBD.

Initially, I was hesitant to try CBD products, influenced by the prevalent misconceptions about cannabis.

However, seeing the science, hearing the testimonials, and learning about the rigorous standards and benefits firsthand encouraged me to give it a chance.

I have to admit: trying CBD for the first time was a revelation. It helped me realize how misinformation and stigma had shaped my views, preventing me from exploring a potentially beneficial wellness tool.

This experience taught me the importance of direct experience and informed judgment in overcoming stigma, changing not just my perspective on CBD but also my approach to new wellness solutions.

Advocating for a new perspective

Once I had experienced the benefits of cannabis supplements and understood the science behind them, I felt a responsibility to share my knowledge.

I knew there were others out there who, like me, might be skeptical or misinformed. As a result, I decided to write articles, speak at local wellness events, and start conversations with friends and family about the beneficial aspects of cannabis supplements.

The most effective strategy, I found, was leading with education.

When people understand that there’s a vast difference between recreational marijuana use and therapeutic cannabis supplements, their perspective starts to shift.

In the face of criticism or disbelief, I learned to stay patient and persistent. Change takes time, especially when it involves challenging long-held beliefs.

So, finally, I’d love to sum up key lessons from my journey:

  • Take responsibility for your health and well-being.
  • Question ingrained beliefs and societal norms.
  • Embrace the power of education as a tool for change.

Learning to think for myself was another important aspect.

And finally, I learned the importance of embracing the journey of self-exploration. My journey with cannabis supplements has been eye-opening, challenging, and ultimately rewarding.

Lin Yao

Lin Yao

Lin Yao, based in Seoul, brings a fresh take on wellness with a twist of traditional East Asian healing. She found her calling after an enlightening encounter with a modern shaman. This pivotal moment inspired her to embark on a journey towards mastering the art of healing through nature. Through her articles, you'll learn to embrace nature’s remedies for a more vibrant you.

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