Fine Healing Goods cares about you and our planet - our ingredients never contain pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, molds, or harmful microbials. Every product in our line meets or exceeds the potency advertised.

Our certified organic partner farm tests the ingredients twice - first, the soil and second, the harvest. FHG takes it one step further - we test a third time. We believe in full transparency, so we send the sealed finished product to an independent accredited third-party lab for full panel testing. Below are those results and our assurance of the purity and potency of your purchase. 

FHG Nourishing Body Cream 100mg/oz

FHG Hypoallergenic Body Cream 100mg/oz

FHG Soothing Body Exfoliant 50mg

FHG Restorative Himalayan Bath Soak 100mg

FHG Alleviate Bath Bomb 50mg

FHG Elevate Bath Bomb 50mg

FHG Lemon Wellness Drops 1000mg

FHG Lemon Wellness Drops 600mg

FHG Original Wellness Drops 1000mg

FHG Original Wellness Drops 600mg