9 powerful shamanic healing techniques you can practice today

Shamanic healing techniques bring about transformation and wellness by connecting with spiritual energies.

Rooted in ancient traditions, these methods offer holistic healing, addressing both physical and emotional needs.

As an experienced practitioner, I’ve witnessed their profound effect on people’s lives.

In this article, we delve into 9 practical Shamanic healing techniques you can integrate into your routine to foster self-awareness, growth, and overall well-being.

What’s more, I’ll provide actionable advice to help you harness the power of these ancestral practices for your personal healing journey.

1) Soul retrieval

Shamans believe that by journeying into the spirit world, they can locate these lost soul fragments and reintegrate them into the individual’s consciousness.

This process is known as soul retrieval.

The concept behind soul retrieval revolves around the idea that parts of our spiritual essence, or ‘soul’ may become lost or disconnected due to traumatic experiences.

This is typically achieved by entering a trance-like state through rhythmic drumming or other sound techniques.

Want to know what’s the most fascinating aspect of soul retrieval?

Well, the fact that it is a deep-rooted belief in the interconnectedness of all life.

Simply put, it’s a practice that acknowledges our spiritual essence as something beyond our physical selves, something that can be fragmented and yet, can be restored.

The process involves a few key steps:

  • Preparation: This includes setting a clear intention for the healing session and creating a safe and sacred space.
  • Journeying: The shaman journeys into the spirit world to locate the lost soul fragments.
  • Retrieval: The shaman communicates with the fragments and persuades them to return.
  • Reintegration: The retrieved soul fragments are then reintegrated into the individual’s consciousness, often through visualization or energy work.

When successful, this technique can result in profound shifts in one’s energy and outlook on life.

Specifically, it can bring about healing at a deep, spiritual level, effectively addressing emotional wounds and traumas that conventional therapies may not reach.

2) Journeying

The practice of Shamanic journeying is an integral part of these ancient healing techniques.

Essentially, this practice is a form of meditation, but with a unique twist that sets it apart.

What’s that twist exactly?

Instead of focusing on mindfulness or emptying the mind, Shamanic journeying encourages you to engage with your subconscious and the spiritual world actively.

The practice of journeying can be divided into three realms: the Lower World, the Middle World, and the Upper World.

Each realm has its unique attributes and beings you can interact with:

  • The Lower World: This is often visualized as a natural environment like a forest or a cave. Here, you may encounter power animals or ancestral spirits.
  • The Middle World: This is essentially our physical world but viewed from a spiritual perspective. It’s where you can interact with spirits inhabiting trees, rivers, and other natural elements.
  • The Upper World: This is depicted as a celestial realm or sky. It’s where you may meet higher spiritual beings or ascended masters who provide guidance and wisdom.

While on this journey, you may encounter spiritual entities or power animals, symbols, and landscapes that hold deep personal significance. These encounters are believed to provide guidance or messages from the spiritual realm.

The beauty of this technique is in its capacity for self-discovery and personal growth.

It offers a unique pathway for individuals to explore their inner selves and gain insights that can aid in their healing process.

3) Energy clearing

Moving from the spiritual realm to our physical world, another Shamanic healing technique that can be quite transformative is energy clearing.

Now, you might be wondering, what exactly is energy clearing?

Well, the idea behind this practice is based on the belief that we, as humans, are not just physical beings but energetic ones as well.

Over time, our energy fields can become cluttered with negative or stagnant energies.

Energy clearing involves the cleansing of these energies from one’s body and aura. This often involves the use of sacred herbs like sage or palo santo, which are burned in a ritualistic manner.

The smoke from these herbs is then used to cleanse the individual’s energy field.

I know it might seem counterintuitive to think of ourselves as energetic beings But this perspective opens up new avenues for healing.

By addressing not just our physical but also our energetic health, we can achieve a more holistic sense of well-being.

4) Ancestral healing

Have you ever felt burdened by a pain or trauma that doesn’t seem to belong to you?

Ancestral healing, another Shamanic healing technique, addresses this very feeling.

This practice stems from the belief that we carry the emotional baggage of our forebears, stored in our energetic fields.

These unresolved issues from our past generations can manifest as recurring patterns or challenges in our present lives.

Ancestral healing involves recognizing these patterns and consciously working to resolve them. This process can be deeply emotional and introspective.

The ultimate goal of ancestral healing is to break free from these inherited patterns.

As a result, we can live our lives more fully and authentically. It’s about unburdening ourselves from the invisible chains of the past and stepping into our true potential.

If you’ve been feeling stuck in a cycle or facing challenges that feel deeply ingrained, ancestral healing may offer a path toward resolution and personal growth.

But remember:

Like other shamanic techniques, ancestral healing requires an open mind and a willingness to engage with your past in a profound way.

5) Spirit animal communication

In Shamanic traditions, the natural world is seen as a profound source of wisdom and guidance. This is especially true when it comes to spirit animal communication.

This technique involves connecting with animal spirits or totems that serve as guides.

These spirit animals are believed to provide insights, guidance, and support in our personal journey.

But here’s an interesting fact:

Unfortunately, sometimes our connection with our spirit or power animals can weaken or get lost due to various factors like stress, trauma, or simply a lack of awareness.

A weakened connection to your power animal can lead to feelings of disempowerment, fear, or a lack of direction.

Here’s a short list of common spirit animals and the qualities they represent:

  • Eagle – Vision, leadership
  • Bear – Strength, introspection
  • Deer – Gentleness, heart energy
  • Owl – Wisdom, intuition
  • Butterfly – Transformation, change

In either case, communicating with your spirit animal can offer valuable insight into your personal growth and challenges.

It’s about tuning into the energy and wisdom of the natural world, and embracing it as part of your healing journey.

6) Shamanic extraction

Shamanic extraction is a technique I’ve found to be incredibly potent in the healing process.

It involves the removal of negative energies that have attached themselves to a person’s aura.

According to Shamanic belief, illnesses, whether physical or emotional, can be caused by these energy intrusions. It’s as if these negative energies create blockages in our energetic flow, resulting in discomfort or disease.

The extraction process involves locating these intrusions and, using specific techniques, extracting them from the individual’s energy field.

This is often followed by filling the void with healing energy to promote balance and restoration.

In my experience, individuals who undergo shamanic extraction often report feeling lighter and more at peace. It’s as if a weight has been lifted off their shoulders.

While it may sound intense, let’s remember that it’s all part of the journey towards holistic well-being.

And as a practitioner, it’s always rewarding to witness the positive transformation it brings about in people’s lives.

7) Power retrieval

Have you ever felt like you’ve lost touch with your inner strength or personal power?

Power retrieval is a Shamanic healing technique that addresses this very issue.

This particular shamanic healing technique aims to help us reconnect with the innate power that resides within each of us. This power is often symbolized by a power animal or spiritual guide.

In my personal journey, I’ve found power retrieval to be a transformative experience. It’s as if, suddenly, you’re tapped into a source of strength and wisdom that had been dormant within you.

In a power retrieval session, the practitioner journeys to the spirit world on your behalf and returns with a power animal or guide for you.

This being then serves as a source of strength and guidance in your life.

Isn’t it fascinating how this simple act can restore one’s sense of self-belief and empowerment?

So, if you’re feeling disconnected from your inner strength, power retrieval might just be the Shamanic healing technique that reignites your inner fire.

8) Shamanic breathwork

Shamanic Breathwork is a potent healing technique that uses conscious, connected breathing patterns to promote emotional release, self-discovery, and spiritual growth.

Breath is considered the life force or ‘prana’ in many Eastern philosophies, and by manipulating it, we can explore and transform the hidden aspects of our psyche.

In a typical Shamanic Breathwork session, you would be guided to breathe in a specific pattern while music plays in the background.

The practitioner may also use bodywork or other techniques to support your process.

In either case, the aim is to trigger an altered state of consciousness where deep healing can occur.

The process can lead to profound experiences ranging from reliving past life memories to ecstatic spiritual awakenings. It can help release suppressed emotions, heal trauma, and align you more closely with your inner self.

As for me, the first time I tried shamanic breathwork technology was when I accidentally stumbled upon Rudá Iandê’s free masterclass, The Power Of Your Breath.

Rudá is a world-renowned shaman who has helped thousands of people break through their limiting beliefs and tap into their full potential.

This masterclass will empower you to transcend common myths and pitfalls in the spiritual world.

At least, it helped me develop my own spiritual path with freedom and autonomy.

So, if you’re wondering how to get started with shamanic healing techniques, I can’t recommend this Breathwork Masterclass enough.

Here’s the link to the free breathwork video.

9) Divination

The final Shamanic healing technique I want to touch on is divination — a practice that has been used for centuries to seek guidance.

In Shamanic divination, the practitioner communicates with the spirit world to gain insights or answers to questions.

Perhaps not surprisingly, this can be particularly beneficial when you’re faced with important decisions or are seeking clarity on certain aspects of your life.

The process might involve the use of tools such as runes, tarot cards, or even natural elements like stones or bones. Each tool serves as a conduit for messages from the spirit world.

Engaging in shamanic divination is more than just seeking predictions about the future.

It’s about gaining a deeper understanding of your life’s path and making more informed decisions based on this spiritual guidance.

This practice underscores the essence of Shamanic healing techniques – fostering a deeper connection with the spiritual realm and harnessing this connection for personal growth and healing.

Embracing the shamanic path

If you’re drawn to Shamanic healing techniques, it’s likely that you’re seeking a deeper connection to yourself and the world around you.

These practices offer a gateway to the spiritual realm and a path toward holistic well-being. My advice is to:

  • Find a trusted practitioner or mentor
  • Invest time in learning about different traditions
  • Practice mindfulness and open-mindedness

And remember: shamanic healing isn’t a quick fix. It’s a commitment to personal growth, self-discovery, and spiritual exploration.

Whether it’s through soul retrieval, energy clearing, or divination, each technique offers a unique pathway for healing.

So, where will your Shamanic path lead you?

Only you can discover that.

The journey is deeply personal, but rest assured that the wisdom and insights gained along the way can transform your life in profound ways.

Jade Nguyen

Jade Nguyen

Jade Nguyen from Hanoi, is a passionate writer and practitioner in the realms of energy healing and astrology. Her journey into these mystical fields began during her travels across Asia, where she encountered various spiritual practices that profoundly influenced her perspective on life and healing. Jade's writing blends ancient wisdom with modern insights, offering readers practical advice on using energy work.

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